Project Objectives

Overall objective

The SOILPRO project has the overall objective of  halting soil degradation in EU Member States in line with the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection. It will do this by encouraging co-operation between local authorities and research institutes within a transnational environment, as this can promote the development of spatial methodologies for monitoring and managing soil degradation.

Specific objectives

  • Developing a web-based application tool supporting local and regional authorities and Member States in monitoring soil qualities and planning measures to combat soil degradation;
  • The application of the Soil Monitoring Software in two EU Regions: Sicily and Peloponnese;
  • Demonstrating a soil monitoring system to potential users in local and regional authorities and other stakeholders;
  • Building the capacity of stakeholders in soil monitoring and protection;
  • Showing examples of soil protection actions in risk areas identified by the use of a soil monitoring system;
  • Improving the effectiveness of soil protection measures; and Raising public awareness on soil degradation.

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