peloponnese map

Different aspects of burned agricultural and forest lands in Arcadia and Argolide.
deforestation by olive groves
Olive groves planted on slopes previously covered by forests.
abandoned olive grovesabandoned olive groves
Abandoned olive groves in degraded, not suitable lands.
rising agricultural fronteer
The rising agricultural fronteer consumes and degradates soils.
Lake sedimentation eutrophicationLake sedimentation eutrophicationLake sedimentation eutrophication
A lake reservoir sedimentation and eutrophication in Corinth province.
Aspects of soil vulnerability to soil erosion in Laconia.
Shallow soils on steep slopes with scarce vegetation can be easly stripped away, 
and leave the bare rock outcrop.
overgrazed slopesovergrazed slopes
Overgrazed degraded slopes of Corinth province.
Influence of rock type on soil thickness and vulnerability to soil erosion.
erosion by slope
Influence of slope-aspect on vegetation cover and soil vulnerability to water erosion.
badlands kalamatabadlands corintho
Badlands near Kalamata (Messinia) and in Corinth province.
abandoned terraces
Abandoned terraces enhance risk of landslides and soil water erosion.
Shallow soils on terraces in the inland of Koronaki (Messinia).
shallow soils
One meter to desertification. Shallow soils (less than 1 meter depht) on hard calcareous rocks, consumed by erosion. Once eroded they cannot regenerate in the human life time.
The bare slopes of Taigeto mountain.

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