Monitoring Sampling Trip in the pilot area of Sicily, held from 19th to 22th March 2013

The soil surveying team, from up to down, from left to right: Maria Fantappiè, Girolamo Coppola, Fabio Guaitoli, Giuseppe Ferrigno, Simone Priori, Nadia Bianconi, Sergio Pellegrini. (Field localization at Lake Rubino, Lago Rubino, Trapani).

Simone Priori, charging the MOLE instrument.

Soil surveying with MOLE instrument (Localization of the field in the hills of Salaparuta, Trapani).

Soil sampling in a wheat field, managed with conventional farming system. 

Two samples of topsoil taken from the same field site: on the left managed with organic farming (BIO) and on the right managed with conventional farming. They show a very different soil colour and structure: darker and better structured in the case of organic farming. 

Rill erosion in a field (near the Lake of the Trinity, Lago della Trinità, Castelvetrano) with a mean slope of 5-10 %, recently plowed. Although the field is managed with organic farming, any Soil and Water Conservation System is applied, such as contour farming (contour drainage canals, contour plowging, buffer strips and so on). Instead the field is  managed with up and downhill tillage, promoting rill erosion.

A tree buffer strip in a pastured slope, deeply affected by landslides, gullies and rill erosion. The tree buffer strip shows to protect to some extent the underlying part of the slope. (Localization: hills of Salaparuta, Trapani).

Waterlogging in a wheat field (localized near Sambuca di Sicilia, Agrigento) managed with conventional farming.

Mottled soil sample of the waterlogging wheat (localized near Sambuca di Sicilia, Agrigento).

Well covered pastured meadow (localized near Sambuca di Sicilia, Agrigento) managed with organic farming. Although neighbouring with the waterlogged wheat field, no water erosion or waterlogging has been found.

Waterlogging in a wheel track affected by soil compaction.

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