The video on soil protection in Sicily has been uploaded on youtube

26/11/2014 The video on soil protection in Sicily has been uploaded on youtube, as original italian version and also in the with english subtitles. 0 comments

The final conference of the SOILPRO project

12/11/2014 The final confenrence of the SOILPRO project will be held in Corinth (Peloponnese, Greece), on the 12th November 2014. 0 comments

The second Regional Conference of Peloponnese, on the 28th October 2014, in Sparta

20/10/2014 The 28th October 2014 the Region of Peloponnese organised the second Regional Conference of the Soilpro project in Sparta, the regional authorities and the technical personnel of the Region of Peloponnese, Prof Kyriakopoulos for EKPA, Karampourniotis Konstantinos and Filippidis Pavlosof the Living Prospects.The general questionnaires translated into greek were distributed and compiled during the conference. Press release were done before and after the conference and local media invited for interviews. 0 comments

The web-GIS SMS has been presented at the conference of AISSA "an italian soil protection law to preserve landscapes"

13/05/2014 The 3rd of December a law on soil protection has been promoted by AISSA in the Italian Parliament. The 13th May 2014 the SMS web-GIS applocation has been presented has an innovative technology for soil monitoring to all the interested scientific and political authorities. 0 comments

Cartoon book on “South-south knowledge sharing: Conservation Agriculture” of FAO, now online!

22/01/2015 Cartoon book on “South-south knowledge sharing: Conservation Agriculture” 0 comments

Second monitoring soil surveying in the Region of Peloponnese

28/11/2014 The AGRISTUDIO company accompained by Prof Kyriakopoulos surveyed the soils of Peloponnese localised in the burned areas, to test the effect of fire on soil conditions. The survey started the 13th November 2014 and last the 28th November 2014. Sergio Pellegrini of CRA-ABP did hydrologic surveing on a subset of the same sites from 24th to 26th November 2014. 0 comments

Press release of Prof. Kyriakopoulos on Korinthiaki

08/11/2014 Prof. Kyriakopoulos sent a press release on the newspaper Korinthiaki of 8th November 2014 0 comments

The Soil Protection Measures Plan of the Region of Peloponnese

16/12/2014 The Soil Protection Measures Plan of the Region of Peloponnese has been officcially approved. 0 comments


11/12/2014 The SOILPRO project and its activites for soil protection with Conservative Agriculture has been publishe in the CA-CoP 0 comments

The results of SOILPRO project at the World Soild Day meeting in Alghero

06/12/2014 The role of Soil Science in the territorial planning. 0 comments

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